RAPSODEE brings together a range of scientific expertise rarely found in a single entity: physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, process engineering, energetics, thermodynamics and modeling/simulation.

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Research Topics

  • discipline solides

    Single and multi-component divided solids

    Generate, characterize, transport and shape

  • discipline energie

    Energy and energy systems of the future

    Produce, store, distribute and use renewable energy carriers

  • discipline valorisation

    Wider use of bioresources and recycling end-of-life components

    Characterize, separate, formulate, assess

  • discipline modelisation

    Modeling and simulation of processes and systems

    Build and use models, analyze data, control, and optimize

Research teams

  • Functional materials for energy and environment

  • Sustainable and innovative processes for solid generation and elaboration

  • Divided Solids, Processes and Products

  • Renewable Energy Carriers

The team

  • Jerome Lemonon
    Jérôme LEMONON
    Research Engineer
  • Celine Boachon
    Céline MADRIÈRES
    Laboratory technician
  • Valérie VERES
    Valérie VERES
  • Doan Pham Minh
    Doan PHAM MINH
    Full Professor - RAPSODEE deputy director
  • Christine Rolland
    Christine ROLLAND
    CNRS Engineer
  • Patricia ARLABOSSE
    Patricia ARLABOSSE
    Full Professor - RAPSODEE deputy director
  • Chrystel AURIOL
    Chrystel AURIOL
  • Antoine Perron
    Antoine PERRON
    Research Engineer
  • Angélique LAFON
    Angélique LAFON
    Laboratory technician
  • Maria Gonzalez Martinez
    Assistant Professor
  • 103


  • 51

    PhD students

  • 51

    high-level publications in 2023

  • 2.7M

    in research contract

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